Do 2D Echo centres near Kharghar have Trained Technicians to conduct Echocardiography Tests?


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Did you know that Pixel Diagnostics is one of the few 2D Echo Centres near Kharghar to conduct echocardiography tests.

Are you looking for a 2D echocardiography testing centre in Kharghar that delivers quality reports at affordable prices? Do you live in the Navi Mumbai region? Suppose the answer to both the questions is a ‘Yes’.

In that case, you must visit Pixel Diagnostics today mainly because this diagnostic facility is one of the Best 2D Echo Centers in Kharghar Navi Mumbai. It also offers several high-quality imaging services, including sonography, Colour Doppler, Digital X-Ray, ECG etc. Here is presenting this article to explain ‘Why’ Pixel Diagnostics is one of the best diagnostic centres in Kharghar that you must visit.

Pixel Diagnostics is one of the Best 2D Echo Centres in Kharghar, and its excellent 2D echocardiography testing procedure:

A few medical centres in Navi Mumbai include Pixel Diagnostics, providing you with a high-quality 2D echocardiogram. The procedure used by this clinic is as follows:

  • 1.   The Two-Dimensional echocardiography begins by placing a handheld device called ‘Transducer’ on the patient’s heart.
  • 2.   The walls and valves of the patient’s heart reflect sound waves to the Transducer to generate the images of the heart.
  • 3.   The pictures generated appear in Black and White. Doppler’s study gives you colorful images. 
  • 4.   It is by using these high-quality images with most accurate reports and consultation with our cardiologist  that will help your doctor diagnose  the cardiac condition accurately.

More importantly, Pixel Diagnostics has all the latest 2D Echocardiogram equipment. It is why this imaging centre is one of the Best 2D Echo Centers in Kharghar Navi Mumbai that you should visit if you want imaging services that provide efficient results at an economical cost.

Pixel Diagnostics is the Best 2D Echo Centre in Kharghar, for its  doctors, well trained staff and excellent service:

Like some of the Best 2D Echo Centers in Kharghar Navi Mumbai near me, Pixel Diagnostics provides professionally trained staff to handle these patients  Furthermore, the trained staff  at the centre have all the skills needed to ensure that your 2D echocardiography test is undergone smoothly.

This Best Imaging Center in Kharghar Navi Mumbai is also composed of specialized doctors to help you get through the process of 2D imaging. They include Dr. Anuj Sathe (Cardiologist), Dr. Prashant Pawar (Cardiologist), Dr. Sohel Dadan (Consultant Radiologist), Dr. Sandeep Patil (Radiodiagnosis). 

Pixel Diagnostics the Best 2D Echo Centres in Kharghar and their well-defined ‘Vision’ and ‘Mission’:

To deliver good service, a business entity in any sphere must possess a ‘Vision’ and ‘Mission’ that they stick to and follow. And so, Pixel Diagnostics has a set of ‘Principles’ that they follow. They are given below:

  • 1. Vision: Pixel Diagnostics, one of the Best Diagnostic Centres in Kharghar, seeks to be a clinic that provides you with the latest technology to enjoy a genuine experience of flawless 2D Echocardiogram testing at an affordable cost.
  • 2. Mission: The ‘Mission’ of Pixel Diagnostics, considered to be one of the Best Imaging centres in Kharghar Navi Mumbai, is to provide you with and achieve the following:

    1.   Precise Testing.
    2.   Delivering quick and accurate results.
    3.   Providing care and support to patients is personal.
    4.   Present staff to clients who are well-trained and professional.

Pixel Diagnostics the Best 2D Echo Centres in Kharghar, its modern infrastructure, and connection to client satisfaction:

The facilities provided by Pixel Diagnostics, one of the Best 2D Echo Centers in Kharghar Navi Mumbai near me, are top-class. The clinic located in Navi Mumbai is spacious and very hygienic. Moreover, it comprises the latest 2D echocardiography equipment, updated as per changing times. As a result, most clients have been satisfied with the service provided. A few are also impressed by the doctors made available at Pixel Diagnostics, the Best Imaging Clinic in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, especially Dr Anuj Sathe

Pixel Diagnostics Best 2D Echo Centres near Kharghar and its economical price:

Apart from the world-class 2D echocardiography facilities that Pixel Diagnostics provides, this Best Diagnostic Centres near Kharghar also delivers affordable service. This clinic offers the cost of a 2D echo test in the range of market prices available in India varies from anywhere between Rs 2000 to Rs 3000.

So, suppose you are looking for the Best 2D Echo Centers in Kharghar Navi Mumbai that provides high-quality testing, well-trained doctors and trained professional staff , quick test report delivery and above all, affordable prices. In that case, you must visit Pixel Diagnostics located at Shop No.8 Meera Arcade plot no.14 Shilp Chowk, Jalvayu Rd, Sector 20, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410210. To know more, please get in touch with +91 7710013423 or drop in a mail at pixeldiagnostics21[at]

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