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Identifying Diseases using Ultrasound and Sonography

What Diseases can be detected by Ultrasound/Sonography?

Ultrasound/sonography is a widely used imaging technique that provides valuable information about an individual’s cardiovascular, reproductive and other systems, and can raise awareness of potential

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Describe the Best Ultrasound Scan in Kharghar.

Ultrasound scans are one of the most important diagnostic tools for modern day clinicians , surgeons as well as obstetricians and gynecologists. They provide a

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Are you looking for Best Sonography in Kharghar? Pixel Diagnostics is the Best Diagnostics and Imaging Centre for Best Sonography in Kharghar. 1. What is

Reasons why musculoskeletal sonography is important

Reasons why musculoskeletal sonography is important

The most common reason for performing MSK sonography is to diagnose tendon disorders. Other reasons include diagnosing ligament injuries, bursitis, arthritis, muscle tears, nerve entrapment,