Do you know why Pixel Diagnostics is Kharghar’s Best 2D Echo Test Diagnostic Center?


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Are you aware of the 2d Echo or Echocardiogram Test? Are you looking for Best 2D Echo Test Diagnostic Center in Kharghar?

If not, then you should be aware that it is a form of an ECG test used mainly in diagnosing cardiac disorders. Furthermore, it is a diagnostic test which uses sound waves to observe and assess cardiac muscles, cardiac chambers, and valves.

Now, in and around the Navi Mumbai region, few diagnostic clinics offer Echocardiogram tests as a service. However, one of the best diagnostic centers in Kharghar is Pixel Diagnostics. There are a few reasons why this center is perfect for 2D Echo or ECG tests, and they are explained below, so please read on.

a. High-Quality 2d Echo or Echocardiogram Test machine in Pixel Diagnostics: – Best 2D Echo Test Diagnostic Center in Kharghar

A diagnostic center must possess the highest quality device to provide world-class facilities in 2D Echo or ECG Test. It must be able to generate images capable of clearly identifying the following:

1. Blood clots in the heart.
2. Fluid in the sac surrounding the heart.
3. Problems in the aorta, the main artery connecting the heart.
4. Functioning of various chambers of heart 
5. Hypertrophy / thickening of heart muscles. 

Regarding 2D Echo or ECG tests and facilities, including the machine, Pixel Diagnostics, Kharghar provides modern equipment that ensures the images delivered enables your doctor to analyze and diagnose various heart problems. But, more importantly, it also helps detect defects in the heart of a newborn baby. And therefore, it is the availability of good amenities that makes Pixel Diagnostics one of the best diagnostic centers in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

During this procedure, multiple images are taken from different angles. This type of echocardiogram is generally used before heart valve surgery. It is also used in detecting and diagnosing heart issues in children.

Fetal Echocardiogram: This echocardiogram is used specifically for pregnant women or expectant mothers. It is mainly put to use between week 18 to week 22 of pregnancy.

During the process, the transducer is placed on top of the women’s stomach to check for fetal heart concerns. This Test does not have any radiation and therefore is considered safe for an unborn child.

b. High quality, timely and accurate results at affordable price in Kharghar

The ECG and 2D echo test at Pixel Diagnostics and Imaging are done on latest and highly advanced machines by trained professions and interpreted by high skilled doctors and top cardiologists of Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

c. The reasonable pricing of 2d Echo or Echocardiogram at Pixel Diagnostics:

Pixel Diagnostics is one of the best diagnostic centers in Navi Mumbai that provides services such as pathology, digital x-ray, sonography, color Doppler, ECG, portable X-Ray, ECG test, USG, HSG, and IVP/Barium. It also provides for 2d Echo or echocardiogram, all at an affordable cost.

Suppose you are looking to get an ECG test or 2d Echo/echocardiogram done and get a high-quality ECG report at an economical cost. In that case, Pixel Diagnostics is one of the best diagnostic centers in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, that you need to visit today. To know more about appointments, you can contact +91-7710013423 or mail @ pixeldiagnostics21[at]

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