Have you wondered why Pixel Diagnostic is the best ECG Test Center in Kharghar near me and how much an ECG test cost at this clinic?


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Are you aware that an ECG Test is used to check the heart’s rhythm and electrical activity? Do you know where to find the Best ECG  Center in Kharghar Navi Mumbai, which provides economical and cost-effective diagnostic service? If you are not aware and looking for one, you must visit us at Pixel Diagnostic Center.

We are a clinic here to provide you with the latest and the Best Imaging Services in Navi Mumbai. Some of the tests we offer include Sonography(3D/4D), 2D-Echo, Colour Doppler, Pathology , Microbiology, and Genetic tests  (Blood Test), ECG, USG guided FNAC and Biopsy, HSG, and Portable X-ray, , USG, X-Ray Procedures IVP,   and Barium studies.

To know more about why Pixel Diagnostic, located in the ‘Heart’ of Kharghar at Sector 20, Near Shilp Chowk in the Navi Mumbai region, is the best ECG  Center, we bring you this article.

Pixel Diagnostic Center and its world-class ECG Test facilities:

The ECG Test related amenities that Pixel Diagnostic Center provides for you are very high-quality. We have a most advanced 12—channel ECG machine which gives you a graph including reading from all the leads  in a single A4 size paper. It ensures that your ECG is done on the  latest and the best electrocardiogram machine which gives high accurate results as well as diagnosis. The test conducted at this diagnostic center is undertaken by highly qualified and trained technicians, The ECG interpretation is done by top cardiologists of Kharghar and Navi Mumbai.

The professionals conduct the ECG test at the Pixel Diagnostic Center in a non-invasive manner. More importantly, while undergoing this diagnostic procedure, you do not feel the ‘Pain’ and only ‘Gain’ from the service delivered by Pixel Diagnostic Center, thereby making it the Best ECG Test Center in Kharghar Navi Mumbai.

What makes ECG testing at Pixel diagnostic , the best diagnostic center in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai:

  1. Latest Highly advanced and accurate 12 channel ECG machines 
  2. Quick accurate and timely interpretation and results 
  3. Highly trained profession staff to conduct ECG 
  4. Dedicated Female, highly trained technician in case of female patients 
  5. In case the patient is elderly, we also have a facility of portable ECG i.e. ECG is done in your home  
  6. The ECG is interpreted by the top cardiologists of Kharghar, and Navi Mumbai. The patients and relatives are immediately notified by the doctors in case of emergency like Heart attack, Myocardial infarction. 

The ECG test provided at Pixel Diagnostic Center and its multiple utilities:

The Pixel Diagnostic Center provides ECG Tests for several heart-related disorders. These include the following, given below:

1.    Coronary Artery Disease: The ECG test provided by this clinic helps detect possibility of  blockages in the heart blood supply. To detect heart attack that is myocardial infarction and ischemia 

2.    Cardiomyopathy: In regard to the thickening or the enlargement of the heart walls, the ECG test done at this diagnostic centre also helps detect hypertrophy and cardiomyopathy 

3.    Arrhythmias: The Pixel Diagnostic Center ECG Test also helps in the detection of the slow, quick, or irregular beating of the heart, which is a condition known as Arrhythmias.

This variety in the ECG Test services provided by the Pixel Diagnostic Center makes it the Best ECG Test Center in Navi Mumbai.

The ECG test procedure followed at Pixel Diagnostic Center:

At the Pixel Diagnostic Center, the doctors and technicians use the following ECG Test procedure given below:

  • 1.    About ten electrodes with adhesive pads are attached to different points of the patient’s skin on the chest, arms, and legs. In case of female patient, a well-trained female technician is available to conduct the test.
  • 2.    The patient then needs to lie on a bed flat as the computer generates a picture using graph paper, which records the electrical impulses moving through the heart. It is known as ‘Resting ECG’.
  • 3.    This entire process is completed in about ten minutes, while the actual ECG Test is completed in just a few seconds.

More importantly, the entire procedure of the ECG Test is conducted in a way that is painless and non-invasive. Therefore, Pixel Diagnostic Center is considered the Best ECG Test Center in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

Affordable and Economic costs offered by Pixel Diagnostic Center that you cannot refuse:

Among Pixel’s many unique selling points or USPs, Diagnostic Center is the cost for all its services, including tests like Sonography(3D/4D), 2D-Echo, Colour Dopplers, and Pathology (Blood Test) is very economical. For example, the price of an ECG Test at this Best ECG Test Center in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, ranges from 300-400.

The quick delivery of results by the Pixel Diagnostic Center:

Once you get an ECG test at the Pixel Diagnostic Centre, you are sure to get quick results delivered. It only means that once the testing of your heart is completed, you shall get your results immediately or within couple of hours  You will have to endure no significant waiting period to get your ECG report. Hence, Pixel Diagnostic Center is the Best ECG Test Center in Kharghar in the Navi Mumbai region.

So, suppose you are looking for a class-personified ECG test at an economical and affordable cost. In that case, you must visit Pixel Diagnostic Center, the Best ECG Test Center in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, located at Shop No.8 Meera Arcade plot no.14 Shilp Chowk Jalvayu Rd, Sector 20, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410210. To know more, please call +91 7710013423 or drop a mail at pixeldiagnostics21[at]gmail.com.

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